Heading into the final week before the holiday break, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our New School High families a warm and restful vacation and the happiest of New Years! 

This is also a good time to address some questions that commonly arise towards the end of the term. Our last day of school is Friday, December 20 and it will be a full day of learning. We appreciate your help to ensure your student is present and prepared for a smooth and productive day. 

On Monday, a letter will be sent in the mail to each of our families regarding their child’s academic progress. If a student is in danger of failing any courses as of December 16, the course name(s) will be listed. This is the same information that is available on Infinite Campus. (If you have questions about accessing the Infinite Campus student data system, please contact Ms. Lynn at tlynn@newschoolhigh.org.) 

To improve a grade before the end of the term, students are advised to:

1. Identify and complete missing assignments on Infinite Campus and submit them to the teacher. Some teachers recommend making up the most recent missed assignments first.

2. Look for course content standards on Infinite Campus in which the grade is low and ask the teacher how they can re-demonstrate their proficiency. 

3. Organize and review their class notes and handouts and spend time thoroughly studying the class materials provided on Google Classroom. Email or ask teachers in person to clarify if there are questions. 

4. Use your scheduled independent study time productively to complete or improve school assignments and to review what you have learned.

The letter will also include a listing of courses for semester two. In most cases, the semester one schedule will carry over to semester two. All students will be scheduled for all core classes they need to graduate. Once the master schedule is confirmed, other course conflicts will be resolved based on availability. All students must have a full schedule; plans for Dual Enrollment or an online course must be submitted before December 20.

Finally, I am pleased to let you know that a group of caring students has set up a lighted tree in the school lobby that we are decorating with socks, mittens, and hats. These items will be given to a local charity to help keep those in homeless shelters warm. Please consider sending these items to school before the break to support our students’ efforts.