Below are guidelines to abide by regarding dress code at NSH:

  1. All students must wear tops with a non-revealing neckline. Low cut, open back, bare midriff, off the shoulders, spaghetti straps, bare sides, see through, etc will not be permissible. Female students may wear sleeveless garments which adequately cover undergarments and adhere to the aforementioned guidelines.

  2. No obscene language and/or illegal substance advertisements (to include alcoholic and tobacco advertisements) may be worn on clothing or accessories.

  3. Students should not wear sunglasses in the learning environment, unless a doctor’s note is provided to the office staff.

  4. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be fingertip length or longer. Garments worn over leggings must follow the fingertip rule.

  5. Nighttime attire is not acceptable in the school setting. This may include, but is not limited to, blankets, robes, slippers, and house shoes, unless a school spirit event is scheduled.

  6. Students are required to wear appropriate shoes at all times. Students need to wear closed toe shoes at all times.

  7. Students should not wear excessively tight or revealing clothing, such as fishnet or see through garments, may be worn.

  8. Students are prohibited from wearing any sign, symbol, logo, or garment, which has become synonymous with any gang, cult, or unauthorized club or organizational activity.