Every New School High family is unique, but I have noticed that there is one characteristic they share: loving support for our students and for our school. 

In just a few short weeks, our NSH parents have:

  • installed three whiteboards on classroom walls
  • provided design services and marketing expertise
  • taught a science lesson 
  • donated food, drinks and hospitality for three school events
  • repaired the Quiet Room stage
  • answered the call to serve on our Board of Directors
  • contributed numerous boxes of copy paper, tissues, wipes, and school supplies
  • attended the September Family Welcome and Parent Advisory meetings
  • represented NSH at the Plymouth Fall Festival Rotary Spaghetti Dinner
  • collected materials for upcoming science projects
  • volunteered their free time to coach our basketball and robotics teams
  • signed up to present to our students about their careers
  • delivered boxes of books for our library of choice books 
  • shared kind words of gratitude to our staff

And the list does not end there…

Education is a partnership of student, school, and family. Four years ago at the ribbon-cutting celebration, our student speaker rightly observed, “New School High is small, but mighty.” It’s no secret that this statement remains true today because of the many people who have given their time and care into creating and sustaining it.