“365 new days means 365 new opportunities!”  This quote sums up a perspective that all of us at New School High try hard to model: every day is a new day to be lived. While we honor the past, we do not dwell on it. If we have made errors or have regrets, we are not destined to repeat them. Instead, we attempt to learn from them and use that knowledge to do better. We also learn from our successes; these past actions provide precious evidence that we are capable and competent. 

Just as we appreciate the past, we are also mindful of the future. We must always try to look to the days ahead as cause for hope, rather than a source of anxiety or fear. Happily, we have the freedom – and responsibility – of being able to live only one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and to grow. 

Let’s help each other do just that.