Great minds work hard
Our Mission

New School High is committed to academic excellence, creativity, and the development of compassionate, responsible human beings. We offer a personalized education led by master teachers and enhanced by the resources of the community.

New School High was conceived and designed by teachers and parents with one thought in mind: What kind of school would I want for my child?


We agreed that our school would be a place where:
  • the interests, strengths, and goals of every student are known by caring adults
  • excellence is an expectation for every member
  • responsibility, respect, wellness, and creativity are explicitly nurtured
  • character and effort are true measures of success
  • learning is joyous

American educator and philosopher John Dewey said it best: Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

A New


Our goal is to provide the creative freedom that sparks a passion for learning. Problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration will be at the heart of our educational programming, and all instruction will be guided by best practices and robust research. Like the high-performing schools of Finland, we “prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test.”

Small School =

Massive Potential

Opening with 100 ninth graders, New School High will reach maximum enrollment of 400 students over four years. Research consistently shows that positive, personal relationships are essential for learning; by keeping classes under 25 students, we’re developing a connected environment where each student is known well by every adult.

All Are


New School High is chartered by Eastern Michigan University.  As a free public school academy, all Michigan students who are eligible to attend high school, regardless of where they live, may be enrolled. There are no entrance examinations, grade prerequisites, or tuition costs required for admission.  If more students apply than there are available seats by the open enrollment deadline, admission will be determined by a public lottery which will take place the following week.

Registration for 9th, 10th and 11th graders is now open!