While there are many ways a school year can draw to a close, the way the final days are structured can make all the difference Simply put, how we choose to use our time reflects our values. What are the values of New School High and how do we emphasize these as the school year comes to an end?

First, we believe the school environment must be a safe and predictable place for every student, every day. Our students depend on us to model caring and confidence. While the anticipation of the summer vacation may tempt our teens to push the limits, it is essential that we affirm high expectations. 

Learning must always be kept at the forefront. At the end of the year, our time is carefully structured so there is plenty of opportunity to review, and exams are distributed over several weeks. We dedicate time to debrief after the exams so students get valuable feedback on their performance. Even though final exams may loom large, learning is never limited to coursework, assessments, or demonstrations. We continue to enhance our students’ learning with activities such as practice interviews with the Community Financial Credit Union team, instruction in CPR, and speakers for our Advisory classes. 

Finally, because New School High is a community, we work hard to make the final weeks a time to give service, to reflect, and to express our gratitude for friends, mentors, and family. Working together to prepare the building for the summer break, spending time in nature at Plymouth Township Park, sharing in the pride of our seniors at their graduation ceremony, reaching out to new students joining us in the fall, and shaking the hand of each teacher as the final act of the final day – these are all outward signs of what we value.