In this edition, you will learn more about some of our most important priorities regarding our school policies and culture. I also have some exciting news to share regarding our charter school authorization. 

Beginning July 1, 2019, New School High is chartered by Eastern Michigan University. This is a change from being authorized by Central Michigan University since 2014. The Eastern Michigan University Charter School Office’s first authorized schools opened in 1996, three years after the passage of the first public act allowing for charter schools in Michigan.  Currently, EMU supports 14 charter schools with New School High being its most recent addition. Since its founding in 1849 as a teachers’ college, Eastern Michigan University is nationally recognized for excellence in teacher preparation and graduate studies in education. The board and staff of New School High are thrilled to be working with Director Dr. Malverne Winborne and the entire EMU team. For more information about the EMU Charter School Office see:

School Policies and Procedures

A complete guide to expectations may be found in the updated NSH Code of Conduct, which will be available on our school website at the start of school. Please review it carefully with your child. There will be significant time dedicated to explaining school policies in Advisory classes during the first week and throughout the year, however, we count on our parents to be familiar with the policies so everyone has a common understanding of what is expected. 

Be Nice. Work Hard.

These four words sum up our expectations. 

Be nice: All members of the New School High community are required to treat others with respect and courtesy. Problems or concerns should be reported to a staff member so the question can be addressed immediately. 

Work hard. What does it look like to work hard? Come to class prepared to learn, fully engage in classroom activities, ask for clarification when there is a question, study/review the material at home, take the opportunity to re-do and improve work to increase learning.

Cell Phones

At school, personal technology detracts from learning and from being present in our interactions with others. For this reason, NSH students may not have cell phones or devices with them, even if they are kept in a bag or pocket and out of sight. We encourage our students to leave their cell phones and electronic devices at home, however, if students choose to bring phones or devices to school, they must be stowed in the school office from 8:45 am – 3:30 pm. Students may use the office phone if there is a need to contact home during school hours. 

Food at School

Students are required to bring their own food and drinks to school.  Healthy snacks include fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, protein bars.  We ask that students are respectful of those with serious nut allergies and not bring nuts to school. Caffeinated drinks and soft drinks are discouraged; water and juice are preferred. 


There are lots of ways you can help support our school. Carolyn King, one of our parents, will be sending a communication to all parents/guardians regarding opportunities to volunteer time and resources throughout the school year.