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What Does a Day at School Look Like?


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High Expectations =

High Achievement

The New School High curriculum is rigorous: we know every learner has the potential to perform at a high level, so we encourage students to pursue Advanced Placement courses and exams and dual enrollment at local colleges. As seniors, students will be encouraged to complete an extended independent project on a topic that reflects their passions through research, community service, or creative arts. In accordance with state requirements, Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Michigan Merit Curriculum guide instruction.

An Education

Built Around You

We believe high school students yearn to be more engaged in, and responsible for, their learning. Our teaching staff will help all students develop an Individual Learning Plan based on their knowledge, skills, and interests. Unlike traditional educational models, our curriculum is unique in that it gives students a voice in how they demonstrate competency. We will help students constantly assess their academic growth and provide them the flexibility to learn in ways that best suit their needs.

Every Student

Learns Differently

To accommodate the strengths and needs of every learner, New School High is committed to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL addresses student interests, learning styles, and the manner in which learning is demonstrated. At New School High, learning is more than just a test score. Exemplary work will be collected continuously in a permanent portfolio to clearly show what a student knows and can do. The safe and effective use of technology supports instruction. Michigan Merit Technology Standards.

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