It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Late Thursday evening, Governor Whitmer announced that all Michigan schools would be closed from March 16 through April 6. Just 16 hours later we were saying good-bye to our students for the next 30 days. 

Because we had developed an emergency plan and had been preparing for the possibility of school being closed, Friday was calm and orderly. At Morning Meeting, I shared information about the closing and answered student questions. Throughout the day, the teachers wrapped up instruction in their courses, explained how online learning in each of their classes would be handled, and answered last minute questions about using Google Classroom. Ms. Meakin and Ms. Lynn signed out chromebooks, chargers, and chromebook cases to students who needed them. Several parents stopped by to offer their help or to drop off checks to cover chromebook insurance. It was truly a team effort and I would like to thank each of you for contributing to the smooth closing of school. Special thanks goes out to our students, who demonstrated positive spirits and calm, cooperative attitudes throughout the day.

Moving forward, our goal is to minimize the effects of our students missing four full weeks of their education. Accordingly, our focus will be on online learning for the next three weeks. (The week of spring break will be exempt.) 

The NSH staff believes that remote learning is an excellent strategy to use when in-person instruction is not possible. It is not, however, a replacement for face-to face education and there is no expectation that students will be engaged in learning for the same amount of time they would be if they were in school each day. Your child’s schedule will certainly look very different for the next few weeks. Depending on family circumstances, caring for younger siblings and helping at home may become important priorities. It is our hope, however, that your child’s learning will continue despite the closing of school.

Every student who requested a chromebook to use at home has been provided one. If your student was not in school on Friday and you wish to sign out a chromebook and charger, please email me to arrange pick up at school. Through Google Classroom, students can access instructional materials and assignments and submit work for all their classes. Students with questions should email their teachers, as they will be checking their school accounts daily. (A listing of staff emails can be found at the end of this newsletter.) Ms. Janowski will be in regular contact with her students to provide them with support as needed.

To record their activities, students will find a tracking sheet on the Google Classroom Advisory page on Monday. The code is 3pw3qmx. They will get an Advisory grade on Tuesday and Thursday for filling it out. Ms. Lynn is available via email for any support students may need on this.

Students with Michigan Virtual School courses should continue these as usual; MVS timelines are not affected by school closures. Those who are dual-enrolled or have internships are subject to the closure policies of the universities offering their classes or the workplace to which they are assigned. Please contact your college or workplace for more information.
I will be providing email updates on school-related topics as they unfold. As always, do not hesitate to contact the office or email with any questions or suggestions you may have. Those with questions about COVID-19 are advised to call the Information Line: 734-287-7870 or go to or