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Schools in Wayne County must adhere to certain school calendar requirements. In addition, New School High will generally follow the calendar of the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools regarding most holidays and breaks.

No. Cell phones are safely stored in the school office after morning meeting until dismissal at 3:30 pm. Parents are invited to contact the school office with regard to their student during the school day.

New School High is authorized by Eastern Michigan University. The Eastern Michigan University Charter Schools Office provides resources and support for New School High and about a dozen other Michigan schools.

New School High is currently housed in the educational wing of the Risen Christ Lutheran Church at 46250 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth MI 48170.

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For now, our needs are adequately met by our facility. We are committed to providing a safe, attractive, comfortable, and fully-equipped learning environment for our students and staff, while being fiscally responsible and matching our needs to our budget. That being said, our facility will need to expand as our student body grows.

In our inaugural year, the students selected the Cobra as the school mascot. The cobra symbolizes renewal and wisdom, which our students believe embodies the spirit of our school.

No. New School High is an independent, self-managed, not-for-profit school that was founded by people who live in the Plymouth-Canton community. National Heritage Academies and PrepNet schools are founded and fully managed by companies that are based in Grand Rapids.

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The advantage of a small school is its ability to banish anonymity.  Knowing our students well allows us to match their interests and goals with the resources they need. We place great value on our community partners and our vast network of professionals and experts in diverse fields to broaden the learning opportunities of our students. Collaboration with the community is essential to our program and may take the form of speakers, guest experts, on-site project-based learning/research, service learning, student internships, project mentors, career exploration, or employment. We are committed to expanding our vibrant network of partnerships to many other non-profit organizations, institutions of higher learning, and businesses for our mutual benefit.

“Except as prescribed in law, a charter school may not be selective in its enrollment process. It may not screen out students based on disability, race, religion, gender, test scores, etc. It may predetermine the ages, grades, and number of students it will serve. A random selection process must be used if the number of applicants exceeds the school’s enrollment capacity.” (MDE Charter School Q&A) After the open enrollment date, if we have received more registration materials than there are seats, the families of registered students will be notified and a public, random drawing will be held within two weeks to determine the students who are guaranteed a place and those on the waiting list.

Our programming is determined by the interests of our students. Groups have included competitive economics/personal finance team, Drama Club, Table Top and Electronics Games Club, Cobra Strikes bowling team, Chinese culture and language group, basketball club, basketball team, our FRC team: Human Error, and a political discussion group.  If our students want a particular extra-curricular, we will support them.

It is important that students feel connected to their school through traditions and celebrations that mark important times. Dances, activities nights, school trips, and special events are all ways New School High encourages students to widen their circles of friends, try new things, and have fun.

There is no admission requirement for a student to attend New School High or any other public school academy. “Charter schools must serve anyone who applies to attend up to enrollment capacity; that is, they may not screen out students based on race, religion, gender, or test scores.” (MDE Charter Schools Q&A)

New School High is a public school academy and complies with all state and federal requirements regarding the separation between church and state. Students and staff enter the building through a separate entrance and there is a division between the side of the building used by the school and the side used by the church. There are no religious symbols in the areas used by students and staff. The church does not and cannot have influence on the curriculum or activities of the school.

No. There is no residence requirement. Students may live in any community and attend New School High. This is the case with all charter schools.

Below are guidelines to abide by regarding dress code at NSH:

  1. All students must wear tops with a non-revealing neckline. Low cut, open back, bare midriff, off the shoulders, spaghetti straps, bare sides, see through, etc will not be permissible. Female students may wear sleeveless garments which adequately cover undergarments and adhere to the aforementioned guidelines.

  2. No obscene language and/or illegal substance advertisements (to include alcoholic and tobacco advertisements) may be worn on clothing or accessories.

  3. Students should not wear sunglasses in the learning environment, unless a doctor’s note is provided to the office staff.

  4. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be fingertip length or longer. Garments worn over leggings must follow the fingertip rule.

  5. Nighttime attire is not acceptable in the school setting. This may include, but is not limited to, blankets, robes, slippers, and house shoes, unless a school spirit event is scheduled.

  6. Students are required to wear appropriate shoes at all times. Students need to wear closed toe shoes at all times.

  7. Students should not wear excessively tight or revealing clothing, such as fishnet or see through garments, may be worn.

  8. Students are prohibited from wearing any sign, symbol, logo, or garment, which has become synonymous with any gang, cult, or unauthorized club or organizational activity.

New School High has adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).  “Local education agencies and public school academies are required to adopt a model core curriculum per Section 380.1278 of the Revised School Code.” (MDE Charter School Q&A)

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