No. Cell phones are safely stored in the school office after morning meeting until dismissal at 3:30 pm. Parents are invited to contact the school office with regard to their student during the school day.

New School High is authorized by Eastern Michigan University. The Eastern Michigan University Charter Schools Office provides resources and support for New School High and about a dozen other Michigan schools.

“Certification requirements for charter school teachers are identical to those of local school district teachers. Charter teachers must be certified and “highly qualified” as defined in the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act.” (MDE Charter School Q&A) Beyond the state requirements, we seek to bring master teachers onto the New School High team who are creative, accomplished, life-long learners and role models who truly love working with high school students and can inspire students to share their passion for learning.

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Students will be assessed against the content standards for the individual course rather than being compared to their peers. Evaluations will be based on demonstrated proficiency, from “Needs Significant Help” to “Mastery”. These levels will correspond to letter grades on a student’s official transcript. Because our goal is learning, students will be encouraged to revise and improve their work and grades.

According to Trusting Teachers With School Success, by Kim Farris-Berg, Edward Dirkswager, and Amy Junge, there are approximately 150 teacher-led schools in the US.  Teacher-led schools are defined as schools in which teachers may have decision-making authority in areas such as determining the learning program and materials, setting the schedule, setting school-level policies (such as homework, grading policies), selecting, evaluating, and retaining colleagues, determining budget, etc.

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100% of health benefits comparable to those of the local school district are covered for full-time staff.

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This is a decision for the teachers, who may organize if they choose.

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