On November 5 and November 12, New School High will be holding parent-student-teacher conferences. This is an opportunity for those who are closely involved in your child’s education to come together around the twin goals of celebrating the student’s strengths and supporting their continued growth. 

Since we know parents and students are able to keep up with grades and coursework online, conferences will focus on personal growth rather than academic progress. Instead of individual meetings with teachers, parents and students will meet with a small team of teachers who know the student well. Meeting with a group provides insight into various points of view; it can also reveal consistent themes while reinforcing the whole-child approach that we embrace at New School High. Parents who have questions regarding academic progress in a specific course are encouraged to contact the teacher individually by email or phone. 

During the high school years, the primary developmental task is achieving a substantial degree of independence. Part of this process is taking ownership of choices, setting worthy goals, and driving one’s own education. For this reason, it is essential that the student is present at the conference. Parents who wish to speak privately with staff are invited to arrange an appointment with Ms. McCarthy, our guidance counselor, or Ms. Lynn, Dean of Students. 

Parent-student-teacher conferences at New School High are positive experiences that strengthen the bond between school and home. We look forward to meeting with you!