Learning and serving


New School High students do not fit a particular profile – they are everyday teenagers who thrive in a school where they are known on a personal level. This includes students who crave additional challenge and wish to move at a faster pace; those who excel when learning is hands-on; those who may need more time and support to succeed in one or more areas; and those who seek greater autonomy over their learning.


New School High was conceived and designed by teachers who, together, have over 200 years of experience educating high school students. With a passion for personally connecting with every child, our teachers strive to understand the gifts, challenges, and goals of every student. They have high expectations for themselves, too. New School High teachers are creative people who seek a culture where professional initiative, integrity, and growth are of the highest value.


We know that parents want their children to succeed at school, so we count on families to actively support learning at home. Working closely with the staff, parents will play an integral role in developing their child’s Individual Learning Plan. They are also encouraged to participate on the Advisory Board, helping ensure regular, two-way communication between teachers and families. Our monthly Parent Advisory meetings will cultivate a network of support where families can connect with and learn from one another.


At New School High, learning will extend beyond the classroom through the flexible use of time, space, and resources. Through our partnerships with non-profit organizations, and local businesses and universities, our students will have the chance to engage in real-life applications of knowledge through service, projects-based learning, and internships. As civic-minded citizens, they will both learn from and give back to their community.

Registration for 9th, 10th and 11th graders is now open!