On Monday, we will begin week #3 of the 2019-20 school year. So far, what have we accomplished? 

The first week was dedicated to building a foundation based on knowledge and positive relationships so every student has the best chance of academic and personal success:

  • Members of the New School High community enjoyed breakfast together and learned about expectations at the Family Welcome event. By starting the school year in this way, we seek to demonstrate that success in high school requires communication and trust among the students, the families, and the school staff.
  • Students were assessed in math, English, science, social studies, health and PE. As a result, several students demonstrated the level of proficiency that allowed them to test out of requirements. Also, teachers have a better understanding of each student’s knowledge and skills, which will guide instruction and provide baseline data to measure growth.
  • Students learned about our facility and practiced how to respond in the event of an emergency.
  • Technology procedures were explained; new students were given accounts for school email and access to Google classrooms, where assignments will be posted and written work submitted.
  • Students were introduced to our library of books they are encouraged to use during choice reading time. They also shared their favorite books with their peers.
  • Everyone participated in cleaning our learning spaces: sweeping the floors, emptying the garbage, wiping tables, and vacuuming carpeted areas. 
  • The NSH Code of Conduct was introduced and students had the opportunity to ask questions of Ms. Lynn, our new Dean of Students.
  • Students were introduced to the Get Smart method of using feedback to improve, which applies to their personal goals as well as academics. Last week’s Advisory classes followed up with additional information and practice to reinforce how using the method can help them succeed.
  • The topic of the first NSH Trivia competition was fun facts about New School High’s history and staff. Three students with perfect scores as well as the team of eight that had the most answers right were the proud winners of a pizza lunch!
  • Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen created designs for their signature class shirts. (Look for ordering information soon…)
  • Students learned about after-school clubs and activities and signed up for their choices. They also made suggestions for new groups.
  • To round out Orientation Week on a beautiful late summer afternoon, the entire school took a walk to Plymouth Township Park. 

Our second week focused on the routines of the daily schedule as students attended their first semester classes. Those with scheduling issues met with Ms. McCarthy or myself, while students with independent study and Michigan Virtual School online courses, dual enrollment classes at local colleges or internships finalized their plans. 

We will do our best to keep you informed on any and all subjects that touch your lives throughout your child’s high school years. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime; your feedback, questions, and ideas are very important to us!