Congratulations, graduates!

We’re extremely proud of our alumni. They continue to lead at institutions all over the US, and the world!

What are people saying?

Over these past four years you have gone above and beyond for our son in so many ways. When I think back to him his freshman year and compare it to today, the difference is astounding. The confidence and encouragement you and the staff have given him is such a treasure that will serve him for life, in all his endeavors. So, thank you! My husband and I appreciate all you have done!

Parent of NSH senior

The teachers really look out for and care about the students and that then carries onto the students themselves. If there are days when I’m not doing great, there are so many people who look out for me.

NSH Student – Junior

I was so worried for high school but the high school experience I have had makes me realize I was worried for nothing. I would’t trade this high school experience for anything different! You have all helped, cared for and supported me with so much and I would like to thank you for that and just tell you that you all have made a huge impact on my life.

NSH Student – Sophomore

Who is Gordie?

Gordie’s role at NSH is to provide students with another way to reduce and overcome stress and anxiety at school. Gordie also helps to create a welcoming atmosphere where all students feel included. 
Gordie is a valued member of NSH staff. Students look forward to seeing him everyday and thus coming to school.
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