For all schools – and high schools in particular — this is an incredibly busy time. Just like every other day, we are deeply immersed in the urgent business of teaching and learning. At the same time, we must focus energy on bringing the current school year to a fulfilling close while creating the foundation for a smooth beginning for the school year to come. 

If you are at school in June, I hope you will stop by the office to say a good-bye as well as a hello. Luci Croteau has made the decision to retire from her role of school office manager — for a second time. She had retired from PCCS after many years at Fiegel Elementary and Discovery Middle School before joining the New School High staff in 2016. It is impossible for me to express my gratitude to Luci for what she has given to New School High. As our school’s founding office manager, she set the standard for kindness, competence, loyalty, humility, patience, professionalism and love of learning. We will dearly miss her! 

The final weeks of school require exceptionally close communication and collaboration among all the members of our school community — especially with our families. It is always a pleasure to see our parents in the building at this time of year to meet with teachers, present to our Advisory classes, witness student exhibitions, attend school board committee meetings, make a donation, chaperone a trip, or serve with the Parent Boosters. In the coming weeks there are quite a few opportunities for parents to visit school. If your schedule allows, we encourage you to come by. The importance of your presence in your child’s life at home and at school cannot be measured. We look forward to seeing you!