It looks like spring is finally here! Now that the weather is so nice, we need your help to keep our students safe and focused during the remaining weeks of school.

Please make sure your child is properly dressed before leaving home in the morning. Short shorts, slides/sandals/flip-flops, and low-cut/sheer tops for all students are prohibited. Sunglasses are not to be worn in school. T-shirts should be plain, without words or graphics.

Because safety is our main concern, students are not allowed to open any doors to the outside or leave the building unless for PE class under the supervision of Mr. Baker. When the temperature is above 60 degrees and there is no rain, they may enjoy the lunch hour outside in designated areas. Students are not to visit their vehicles while outside, including sitting in them during lunchtime. Smoking/vaping and public displays of affection are prohibited. We want our students to be able to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather in a way that is safe and considerate of others.

Finally, please discuss your expectations for your child regarding vehicle safety. Students who drive should adhere to the State rules regarding permissible number of passengers in a vehicle, cell phone use, and speed limits. The intersection with the blinking light at McClumpha and Ann Arbor Roads is very dangerous, especially for new drivers.  As an educator, I have experienced over 40 springs together with high school students and am too familiar with the heartbreak of friends and family when a beloved teen-ager is hurt or killed at a time of year that is so full of life and hope. Let’s all do what we can to help our students make the safe choices.